Best UBIQ Wallets for Storing UBQ

One of the popular cryptocurrencies at present time is UBIQ. This is known to be a stable cryptocurrency and you will have less issues with it compared to the other cryptocurrencies available. You need to have a special wallet for it so that you can store it until such time when you would need to trade it for other things.

The Uniqueness of UBIQ

A lot of people assume that UBIQ is just similar to a Bitcoin. While there are some similarities, you should remember that UBIQ is more of a computer network. In fact, you can create different applications that will help you do different functions that you will not be able to do with the use of a Bitcoin.

UBIQ is more compared to Ethereum but a lot of people prefer UBIQ more because this is said to be more stable and is safer as compared to Ethereum. You can expect that this is going to be more reliable provided that you have the right wallet to store it on.

If you would use these different capabilities wisely, you first need to choose the right wallet wherein you can store your UBIQ. It may seem easy because there are different wallets that are being offered but actually, there are so many to choose from that it will be hard to decide on the one that will work best.

Best UBIQ Wallets to Consider

e-wallet for coinsYou are already aware that you need to find the right UBIQ wallet so that you can start storing, using and trading it. Which among the many wallets available is the best choice? These are just some suggested wallets you may want to consider:



This is a type of desktop wallet that you can download right at your own desktop or computer. This will allow you to bring all of your accounts, your applications and your assets in one powerful interface. Just imagine how helpful this is going to be for you.

Once you have correctly downloaded this wallet, you can use it in order to use tools to write all the details that you need. You need to configure this with the rest of your Ubiq nodes so that it can be synchronized properly. Take note that you need to use a password in order to make your account secure. You need to remember this password otherwise you will not have any other opportunity to open your account anymore.


This is a type of web wallet that you can access whenever you go online. You will have the ability to control the different private keys. You should be the only one who knows how to access it so that it will be fully secure. Expect that your data will stay safe with the machine that you have used to create the wallet.

This is a free wallet so you need not worry about paying for anything. You can also use it to write smart contacts and to set the limit that you will use for your cryptocurrency. This wallet can be used to store your UBIQ tokens. You can also spend the tokens whenever you need to with the use of this wallet.

Ledger Nano S

If you are looking for a hardware wallet to use then this may be one of the best ones available. There are some people who say that hardware wallets are probably the safest as long as you would keep your hardware in a safe place as well.

A hardware wallet will allow you to store your UBIQ funds properly and offline. No need to worry about the information getting hacked from you. This particular hardware wallet is known to be one of the safest that you can use. This can be used for different cryptocurrencies including UBIQ.

If you are still confused about how you are going to use this, there are different videos that you will find online that will give you all of the instructions that you need to use it.

Ledger Blue

This is a hardware wallet that you may want to have if you want something that is truly superior from all the rest. This is known to be the most advanced hardware wallet as of now. This has different features that you will surely appreciate. The different integrations are worthy to take note of.

This hardware wallet is well-liked because it is user friendly. This responds immediately to the touch of your fingers and you will be able to control your private keys without the need to be connected to the internet. If you choose this type of hardware wallet, make sure that you will always make an effort to update it so that it will stay safe while you are using it.


This is another desktop wallet that you may want to have. This CLI wallet can be used by people who are familiar with how to use the command language prompt. This will make it easier for people to control when the wallet is going to be accessed and everything.

This is available in different platforms namely:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux

The moment that you have installed this on your desktop, expect that you can already use this to transfer your funds, create smart contacts, make transactions with your smart contacts and also check out your block history. This is a desktop wallet that will be nice to have for sure.


It is evident that there are different UBIQ wallets that are available. It can be hard to choose just one especially when all of the wallets seem promising but there are always some that will stand out because of their integrations and their special features. Did you find the UBIQ wallet that you want to use from any of the wallets mentioned above? If not, feel free to check out all of the other wallets that you can find. Just make sure that it supports UBIQ. Some wallets only support limited types of cryptocurrency.



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