Bustabit strategy and working script

Pot crash gameWith the increasing power of Bitcoin there is also booming Bitcoin gambling. One of the most known game is called Bustabit.

What is Bustabit?

Bustabit is one of the most original bitcoin betting sites. This game is very popular all over the world where players played already millions of games and was already wagered 1,6 million bitcoin! Max winning for one game is now 60 BTC! The point of the game is to cashout the bet before the pot crashes. Players are wagering against a pot of money – they are putting down their bets and watching the multiplier goes up. If they cash out before the game crashes, they win the stake multiplied by the cashouted multiplier. You can see a lot of games the multiplier was above 1000x (so called nyan in the game slang).

The most profitable script on Bustabit now! Check Lightguide´s stats.

  • No limits! Select your starting bet according to your bankroll…
Download script

The best Bustabit strategy

The very best Bustabit strategy is not to play this game like any other gambling games. Allways if you want to win you have to have a little of luck. Simply you have to be on the right place at the right time.

There are only two ways how you can beat the game and make profit.

The first is moneymanagement

Setting fixed rules is only way how to not lose all. If you bet all in you won´t have another chance to recover. Better to bet smaller amounts because the game is still running and you have to realize you have time.

Finally the second way is the STRATEGY

The biggest advantage of this Bitcoin gambling game is you can inspect history of other players so if you are attentive you can find working strategy this way. I have started playing Bustabit months ago. I lost a lot from the beginning and then won more because I found some profitable strategies how to play.

Download my first Bustabit working script

As I started with Bustabit I bet manually. After first loses I discovered I can automate my effort which turned my losses into profit. My first script was based on classic Martingale system and worked as follows. Multiplier is set to 1.25x. I bet 10 units and if it busts my next bet will be 4 x higher = 40 units. That’s how I could afford to lose a few times in a row and still to be in a profit. Check the image below:
Graph of winning bitcoin

You can free download this script but I have to warn you! It is only necessary to set up value PercentOfTotal which means how many percent you wish to be an initial bet from your bankroll. My recommendation is set it to very very low, e.g. 0.01 = 0.01%.
This script is functional only with professional moneymanagement system. Never bet more than you can afford to lose!

Today this script is obsolete and you cannot download it. It is built-in directly in every Bustabit´s account called Martingale. Just set it up and earn with good moneymanagement system (you have to accept  some small looses and gain more profits).


Lightguide, Lovejapan and Takenoko script

Below you can find image of stats of player called Lightguide. This one and some more like Lovejapan or Takenoko use script based on 2x multiplier. As you can see below, Lightguide won almost 20 coins and haven´t busted. You can read about this script here.

Do you wanna this script? You can get it here.

statistics of using Lightguide script on BB


The most profitable script on Bustabit now! Check Lightguide´s stats.

  • No limits! Select your starting bet according to your bankroll…
Download script

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  1. Guy says:

    Hi there, thank you for the script.

    There’s a var which is not defined:

    Uncaught ReferenceError: last1 is not defined
    at i.eval (eval at _runStrategy

    • BTCman says:

      Hi Guy, thanks, really there was a mistake in the script because I have published only this simple one which I coded from my more
      sophisticated one, but I corrected it, set Last1 to 1. Historically Last1 was variable which tracked when the last game crashed at and I was able to take break in next one depending on previous game. I hope it really works now. But be careful, this is really simple one. The most profitable script what I had, used also this player https://www.bustabit.com/user/tomodachira (I am not this player, I made more profit already 🙂 ). He did his whole profit on that script.

  2. Scripter says:

    I have a working script to anyone who is interested:

    running it on new account http://www.ethcrash.io/user/scripter.

    Buy here: https://satoshibox.com/7n2mmcfnpcdm5jeyqq4xn6uv

    Adjust basebet depends on your BR, you can contact me on discord for further assistance

    Discord: Scripter#1633
    Email: [email protected]

  3. safron56 says:

    Bustabit beta

  4. Vi says:


    Please help ready to pay 40 usd
    Need to add 2 things time on loss event to wait for seconds on first los 2nd los and 3rd loss
    Contact me skype rickyahuja1990

  5. ajay says:

    send me more strategy

  6. james says:

    is it working

  7. @adrenalin40 says:

    Hi all.

    for example:
    script 1.1 -1.02

    Or 2.34 or 2.43
    Script after 3 or 4 games coming 10.00x

    Note: if red rithm
    3 games ripe red(1.4)

    0.00 or 1.00
    On and off

    3.45 or 3.54

    After 3 to 5 game coming 3 0.00 x

    Not always .. around

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