How to snipe someone on Bustabit

Bustabit is the game based mainly on luck. But many times before a lot of players found some ways how to profit in this crash game. Let me remember:

  • Bignut74 – this player found a way how to see where next game will crash and emptied all hot Bustabit´s wallet
  • Lightguide – this player invented this script and won 70 coins. More info about this script is here.

And there a lot of players with working strategies or only with luck. So why not to bet exactly same?

Sniping script with scaling options

You don´t know what will be next bet of any player. But there is a sniping script and thanks to it you can bet exactly as another player – same bet on same multiplier.
You only need to write player´s name which will be followed (be careful, it is case sensitive)

But there is also more sophisticated script with more options!

Sniper script setting

  • User to follow – As written before, players name to snipe.
  • Max Bet – the script will not bet more than this value (if snipered person is betting more, script will bet this amount of bits)
  • Untouchable Balance – You can set here amount of bits and if the things won´t go good and snipered person will start loosing, the script stop working when your balance hits this value. This is perfect money management function.
  • Bet scale factor – the best feature of all previous! If you set it to 3, script will be betting 3x more as snipered person and if you set it to 0,25 the script will bet 1/4 of original stake. You can snipe whales also with lower bets this way.
The best sniper script with scaling options!

  • Select player and start earning like him!
Get the script

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