Top Bitcoin Wallets for iPhone

So, you finally got to buy some bitcoin and you are thinking of using them. Maybe you want to get yourself that classy dress or suit online, or you want to get a drink at that corner. Oh, but hold on; how are you going to pay with your bitcoin? Do you have to carry a desktop or your laptop to the shop? Well, now you don’t have to.

Easy use of mobile bitcoin wallet

This is what mobile Bitcoin wallets were made to take care of. Mobile wallets are similar to the software wallets you use on your computer, but you can take them wherever you want to, on your Smartphone device. If you really mean business about making use of your Bitcoin in your daily life or routine, and you just happen to own an iPad or iPhone, then you should definitely read on how to store your bitcoin on your iOS devices, especially your iPhone.

Top 5 Best Bitcoin Wallets for iOS

So it’s final; you realise you need a mobile wallet for your iOS device, but there are many out there from which you can pick from, so which one is more suitable for you? As you might have discovered, most mobile wallets offer pretty much similar services and functionalities, so your decision would be based on which of them is the easiest to use. To assist you with that, here’s a list of five top mobile wallets for iOS devices that you can pick from.

Bread App

BreadApp Iphone wallet


Formerly called Breadwallet, Bread is a very trivial app that has three main priorities which are; cost-effectiveness, security, and easy usage. This application offers a one-tap payment system both online and in person, coupled with a recovery phrase in case you lose access. The interesting about Bread is that it functions as a direct bitcoin network, hence no extra costs or fees. Finally, you can easily buy bitcoin directly if you are in the US. Recently, they announced that they will soon include the Ethereum support coupled with Ethereum tokens.


Airbitz bitcoin wallet


Being one of the most popular Android and iOS wallets, Airbitz features an integrate system of buying and selling bitcoins for customers in Canada and the US, coupled with the special functionality of paying via Bluetooth. It supports several wallets with a variety of names, and considers security a top priority by having both recovery options and two factor authentication. Lastly, it is equipped with a built-in directory which users can use in finding bitcoin supported businesses.


Copay btc wallet


Designed by the very prestigious Bitpay, Copay is another amazing mobile wallet for iPhone users. It is an open source, supports multiple wallets and multiple languages, and many other features that you need. It also supports more than one user per wallet, acting like a “joint-checking account”. This makes it special from other mobile wallets. It’s considered as one of the most secure mobile wallets in the market, however, some users have made complaints about the pricing.


Iphone bitcoin wallet from coinbase


Coinbase is more like an online wallet, which means that it acts as a bank. The software stores your bitcoin, but you can easily access it whenever you want. It has a few benefits of its own. For example, you can easily gain access to the same wallet online both on your computer and on your Smartphone device, and you need not fuss over your device being compromised as your bitcoins are being saved on coinbase’s end. This software also offers services that are capable of supporting Litecoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies, and also functions as a form of exchange that allows you purchase your bitcoin directly using flat currencies.


Blockchain mobile wallet


On iPhone and many other iOS devices, the Blockchain wallet is easy to use and free. Its supports all the basic tools like support for QR codes and a PIN security system. This app is open source which tells you that your code is out there in case there is need to be scrutinised for integrity or security. It also supports active rates of exchange for your best flat currencies, this way you know the exact amount you are spending, coupled with the choice of customising your money into bitcoins, millionths of bitcoin, or thousandths of bitcoin. In summary, it does not really have special features, but is a solid wallet.

Storing Bitcoin on your iPhone

Using a mobile wallet, you are able to store your cryptocurrency and easily access it on-the-go, even if it’s to buy that fancy shoe online, or to get drinks from that corner. Buying and selling with cryptocurrency has never been any easier.

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